Lotus Cuisine of India New Menu

Lotus Cuisine of India New Menu

Lotus Cuisine of India restaurant’s new menu, our menu consists of Appetizers, Chef Special for Two People, Indian Breads, Curries, Thali Specials, Tandoori Specialties, Biriyani Entrees, Desserts and Lotus Specials. Our new menu still has your favorite Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free dishes. Don’t see your old favorite dish in this menu? Let us know,…

Gluten free and organic Indian food

Patch.com new article featuring Lotus Cuisine of India

Patch.com, a community online news journal, wrote an article about how Lotus Cuisine of India focuses on Healthy Eating: http://patch.com/california/sanrafael/lotus-cuisine-india-focuses-healthy-eating The Lotus Family of Restaurants are family run Indian restaurants in Marin County that offers a wide selection of healthy organic Indian cuisine. Lotus has been featured many times in local print, TV, radio and…

Lotus Cuisine goes Gluten Free

Lotus Gluten Free Menu

All Lotus Family restaurants are over 95% gluten free.  A gluten–free diet excludes the protein gluten. Gluten is found in many grains. Come and enjoy some of our gluten free items: * Naan * Curries * Appetizers * Tandooris * Desserts * Beer Unsure if a menu item is gluten free? Just ask and we’ll make it gluten free!