Lotus Appetizers

Our cooks work quickly so you’ll never wait too long for your meal. But we still have plenty of appetizers to give you almost instant gratification when you place your order: – Samosas (savory veggies or lamb fried in a chick pea dough) – Pakoras (fritters with veggies, onion or chicken filling) – Aloo Cheese…

New on our Menu: SALMON

That’s right, Lotus Cuisine of India just got a new menu! Our new menu now features an incredible tasty Fish Tikka Masala. Our Fish Tikka Masala is prepared with Atlantic Salmon from Canada. Maybe you’ve tried our Chicken Tikka Masala? Then you know how tasty our popular Tikka Masala sauce is! We DARE YOU to…

Lotus Cuisine goes Gluten Free

Lotus Gluten Free Menu

All Lotus Family restaurants are over 95% gluten free.  A gluten–free diet excludes the protein gluten. Gluten is found in many grains. Come and enjoy some of our gluten free items: * Naan * Curries * Appetizers * Tandooris * Desserts * Beer Unsure if a menu item is gluten free? Just ask and we’ll make it gluten free!